I'm never sure whether this is a blog with photographs or a photoblog with commentary. Does "photoblog" even exist in the common lexicon anymore? Suffice to say I'm just a nobody, as much as anybody else is, with nothing to say, as much as anybody else does.
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February 28, 2021


What's in this desire to publish a blog? Is it ego? Partly. Probably mostly.

It's also like a clothesline. An airing out of the laundry, allowing one to see the rips and tears and missed spots in the light of day. A self critique, an effort to see all the flaws and improvements which could be made, a fine tuning of both one's thoughts and aesthetic. Words written and photographs published become static waypoints in a dynamic journey, assertions to be analysed and argued and changed if and when necessary. The trick is to not see them as or allow them to become endpoints.